Special expertise in designing, implementing and conducting multi-donor and multi-stakeholder programme evaluations and social impact and risk reduction assessments.
Through her great respect for the rights of  indigenous and local stakeholders, Dr Hope provides a service that minimises the impacts to local communities and the risks to companies and external organisations. This is further manifests in  cutting-edge social performance solutions, policy development, and analyses. 
From mitigating socio-economic impacts to delivering training workshops on Free, Prior and Informed Consent, Dr Hope has found a great balance between meeting clients needs and addressing unforseen impacts. Her academic background in Anthropology also allows for insight into local relations and attitudes towards societies that undergo complex social changes, which, if left unexplored, will present greater challenges.
Dr Hope is a Visiting Fellow at the University of St Andrews.
Dr Stacy Hope is a Social Specialist with over 10 years in International Development, Community Relations and Social Performance Strategies. She is a trained anthropologist with expert knowledge and experience in gender issues, sustainable livelihoods, indigenous peoples and land rights, and the extractives industry and social performance standards.
She has acted as a leading social researcher and international development specialist across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. With a strong  theoretical background in gender, indigenous peoples and government relations she has gained solid practical field, policy and technical experience in Guyana, Suriname, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Northern Brasil and Southern China. Additionally, Dr Hope has worked with a plethora of donor agenciess, including UNDP, UNON, IFC, IADB, ADB, ICRC, as well as national governments, the private sector, and civil society.
She also has five years experience working on developing policy and performance, conducting evaluations and operating as sustainable business advisor. With a clear understanding of private-public partnerships, gender relations and gender-based violence, indigenous and human rights policies and youth economic empowerment issues through successful management of development projects.


  1. UNDP Consultant
    Conducted Baseline Assessment of Existing Capacities, Capacity Needs and Entry Points and Development and Delivery of Training in Dispute Resolution and FPIC among the Stakeholders of the Amerindian Land Titling project
  2. Community & Business Development Advisor
    Advises local government on sustainable communication strategies and partnerships with oil & gas companies in Rivers State.
  3. Women in Mining Consultant
    Designed, Administered, Analysed and Reported Qualitative Research on and co-authored "Mining for Talent: A review of women on boards in the mining industry" for Women in Mining UK & PwC.
  4. Social Due Diligence Consultant
  5. UNDP & Guiana Shield Consultant
    Conducted study on main gender issues related to biodiversity conservation amongst displaced and affected Maroons and Amerindians in Suriname to strengthen national and regional policies to improve the strategic orientation of the Guiana Shield Facility (GSF) activities within the UNDP.
  6. Country Intelligence & Risk Consultant
    Assesses and advises on social, political and economic status and risks within Guyana and Suriname for investors, especially within the mining sector.
  1. Local Content Consultant
    Advise on Procurement within Extractive Industries
  2. Economic Empowerment & CSR Consultant
    Developmed documentation that would enable the Safaricom Foundation partners to identify information and training needs. Developed a document detailing best practices in economic empowerment and in strengthening partnerships the Foundation and its local partners.
  3. Disaster Risk Reduction Consultant
    Developed and implemented strategies to evaluate the social implications of Drought Response Initiatives (DRI) in areas heavily affected in Kenya, particularly near the Somali border amongst pastoralists with whom the KRCS wished to engage in Sustainable Livelihood Strategies as part of the DRI.
  4. Advisor to Founder and Board
    Advisor on strengthening partnerships with private sector.
  5. WIM UK International Committee Member
    Head of Women in Mining UK's Int'l Committee Groups from Latin America, the Caribbean & Africa. Liaises with international groups to strengthen partnerships and promote comradery amongst women within the mining sector.


BA, Cultural Anthropology
BA, Ancient Studies (Independent Student Designed Major)
Masters of Research, Social Anthropology
PhD, Social Anthropology

St Mary's College of Maryland, USA

University of St Andrews, UK

University of St Andrews, UK




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