Mining for Talent 2015: A Review of women on boards in the Mining Industry 2012-2014
The report analyses the number and proportion of women involved in senior management roles within the mining industry, and examines the correlation between gender diversity and company performance. 
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Gender Mainstreaming and Biological Diversity in Suriname
The purpose of this particular assignment was to provide in-depth analysis and insight as to how gender issues are played out within the scheme of biodiversity conservation in Suriname, so as to build upon both national and regional approaches to the GSF’s mandate. At the same time, the rights of the indigenous and maroon peoples, who live within the areas of study, have not had their rights systematically addressed in the context of land rights, biodiversity conservation and lack of public services and attention. With this lack of attention, comes the lack of recognition of the indigenous and maroon traditional knowledge of how to manage the environment that the government has for so long focused on, without acknowledging those who inhabit it. This is even more evident in the prevailing land tenure laws, which give these marginalised people no leeway to access land. 
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