The Approach

Approach to Indigenous Peoples & Local Communities

Approach to Clients

Dr Stacy A A Hope Consultancy aims to integrate strong social practices to daily corporate and organisational operations. The clients are those who wish to alleviate poverty and inequality, have strong social performance systems in place so that local communities do not suffer, and wish to integrate social change into their company and organisation's values.
Finally, clients who wish to use Dr Stacy A A Hope Consultancy, must care about ensuring the safety and betterment of local communities that may be impacted by their actions. These companies must actively be seeking to improve their engagement with local peoples.
When working with indigenous peoples and local communities, Dr Stacy A A Hope believes that it is necessary to operate in a manner that is respectful of local customs and beliefs, and that presents all information in a way that is linguistically, culturally and logistically understandable.  This also means that Indigenous Peoples and local communities must be presented with all information relevant to a project in terms that they comprehend, which is also presented in a timely fashion, so that transparency and inclusive communication can be achieved.
This consultancy also believes that by involving communities in the decision-making process ensures that risks to communities are minimised and that social and economic change occurs. Through this, local communities are empowered to have a say in how projects can benefit their livelihoods, and improve their lives.
Dr Stacy A A Hope Consultancy is dedicated to operating vis-a-vis Free, Prior and Informed Consent when working with Indigenous Peoples. This means that not only will they be given accurate information in a timely fashion, but that they will also be given the freedom to participate in discussions.
Finally, it is important that Indigenous and Traditional Peoples are empowered to sustainably manage their resources, and to maintain, use, and strengthen their traditional ecological knowledge.